Board of Directors

San Jose American Little League holds monthly board meetings on the first Wednesday of the month at 7PM. Active members in good standing of San Jose American Little League are welcome to attend board meetings.  Please contact the Board President to confirm the meeting time and location.

President: Rocco Souza
Vice President: Brian Brown 
Secretary & Membership Coordinator: Claudia Harvey
Treasurer:John Telucci 
Sponsorship:Sara Cruz
Minor Field Commissioner:Fred Ford
Major Field Commissioner & Tournament Director:           Melissa Souza
Scheduling & Major Field Player Agent:Kitty Moran
Facilities Director:Jon Wilson 
Uniforms & Fall Ball Commissioner:Mike Velasco
Uniforms:Ellen Mauldin
Equipment Coordinator:Kino Cruz
Events Coordinator:Chelsea Baack
Snack Shack Coordinator:Celeste Wilson 
Safety Officers: Holli McBride & Darice Funk
Information Director: Aaron Johnson
Umpire in Chief: OPEN
Members at Large: Michelle Draminski
 Dave Solda
 Dustin Gutierrez
 Steve Parodi
 Darren Seaton

Dustin Whidden


Local Sponsors