Required Documents

Required Documents (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY)

San Jose American Little League registration is conducted all online. Prior to registering your player, please check the baseball age chart, softball age chart our boundary map, and eligibility requirements. Please also have the following documents completed and ready for upload. Please confirm all required information is completed on each form. These documents are REQUIRED by Little League International.  

*Birth Certificate: This document will only need to be submitted once to your player’s online account.

*Proof of Residency or School Enrollment FormFor each player, you mush upload either three proofs of residency OR a school enrollment form. See list of approved documents here. Please have these documents scanned and ready to upload prior to registration. These documents must be submitted to each player’s account every time your player registers for an available season. Residency documents must have a dated February 1st ,2023 or after. *Softball Players Only: You can also participate in SJALL Softball if you reside in an area that does not offer Little League Softball. Check you address or school HERE.

*Little League Medical Release Form: Please complete all fields of this form and sign prior to uploading to your player’s account. This document must be submitted to each player’s account every time your player registers for an available season and must be dated November 1st, 2023 or later. Previous seasons' forms will not be accepted.

*If you have missing forms, your registration is not complete and players will not be placed on teams until all forms are submitted correctly.

Volunteer Requirement Check (SPRING SEASON ONLY)
Each family will be required to write a check for $350, dated June 1st, to SJALL which the league holds until the end of the season or the required hours have been fulfilled. If the volunteer hours are not completed by the end of the season your check will be deposited. Your check will also be deposited if you do not attend a scheduled shift or if you cancel your shift with less than 24 hours notice without finding a replacement. See full volunteer requirements here:

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